Rochester up-and-coming jazz-pop band, Seldon, just dropped their second single “The Truth.”

The group met at and are based out of Eastman School of Music, but hail from a variety of places, Las Vegas, Boston, Los Angeles, St. Louis, and the list goes on. The, lets just say, this American seven-piece cultivate an impressive fully-fledged soulful jazz-pop sound despite only forming in fall of 2022.

Their first release and prior single, “I Still Want You,” excels in dazzling listeners with luscious R&B melodies and a subtle funk groove. The group perfectly meshes behind lead singer, Lily Bogas while a jazzy sax solo rounds out the track’s second half.

Seldon explores an even more emotive sound on their new one, “The Truth,” an appropriately named slowburner about honesty within heartbreak. It starts with a contemplative solo acoustic guitar part before Bogas comes in with poignant lead vocals. Strings creep in as the feelings intensify and Bogas admits “I almost called you up today / I almost asked you to book a flight across the country to kiss me one more time / Because this shit isn’t easy for me.” It’s an emotionally investing song that develops at just the right pace musically to make you want to rewind and hear it all again.

The group recently celebrated this release with a free, open to the public recording session. Seldon, an ever-expanding troupe of talented musicians, performed with a string quartet, full horn section and second vocalist. 

“The Truth,” a beautifully produced and well-written song, not only gives you a glimpse into the minds of Seldon but also captures their talented performances and what it’s like to see them live. Be sure to check it out on Spotify or Apple Music.