Last time we checked in with Sea Glass, we were waxing poetic about singles “Pinecone Alley” and “I Have Jokes (If You Wanna Hear One).” There’s a reason we keep coming back to Sea Glass (and frequent collaborator Sky Adler), and one listen through their most recent tune will explain why… “Weekend” is a ’90s-reminiscent slice of slacker-pop that brings to mind early Weezer, Pavement, and even a hint of Viagara Boys – expect plunky guitar riffs, spicy melodies, and a uniquely beeping metronome sound keeping constant time. Adler remarked about his time in the studio with Sea Glass:

“We discussed how much we missed high school and also how scared we were for kids still going through it. ‘Weekend’ was born pretty quickly in that reminiscent yet somewhat dark state.”

Check out “Weekend” on Apple Music, Spotify, and Bandcamp.