Sea Glass and Benét teamed up for this plucky and dreamy offering they’re calling “(I Have Jokes) If You Wanna Hear One.” Built around a delay-driven guitar, “Wanna” sounds like a daydream haze, full of airy melodies and lackadaisical lyrics that make you feel like you’re frolicking carefree under the sun. Sea Glass backs this whimsical feeling up with an apt quote about where his head was at when he penned this song – read it below:

“My son was just born and I was both thrilled to have this new love in our family but also overwhelmed with the added pressure that the responsibility brought. The music was a sort of escape from the moment, an idealized version of how I hoped things would go. It was written in the summer and there are definitely summer vibes to the sounds, but the escapism I’m exploring in the music also makes this song relevant for any time of year.”

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You can also find “(I have jokes) If You Wanna Hear One” on Spotify if that’s more your speed.