Dallas based band (formerly Salt Lake City) Sculpture Club brings us their latest with new single “Drive Too Fast.”  Released April 4th, this is a well-balanced post-punk gem – paying homage to bands like the Cure, Soft Kill, and Choir Boy but standing apart enough to have created something unique.

The acoustic guitar drives the song forward, having an almost folksy Connor Oberst feel to it. I was impressed with the mournful-yet-happy sounding vocals and how this could either be a road trip or funeral song. This took me down an interesting rabbit hole because until now, I’d never really thought about the intersection of post-punk and folk music, but here we are. I guess anything after “punk” is technically post punk, right?

You can hear “Drive Too Fast” on Spotify, Apple Music or embedded down below. The other two tracks on the single, “Cursed or Hexed” and “Used To” are worth a listen as well. With the former providing an interesting juxtaposition with “Drive too Fast.”