“Will Get Fooled Again” is the latest single from SAVAK‘s upcoming March 1 album Flavors of Paradise. We wrote about this Brooklyn group back in January here and obviously haven’t changed our mind much. The track itself is packed with a ton of sound; I heard dark and moody synths; pounding drums; rollicking guitar; and thudding bass masterfully mixed together into something inexplicably catchy. Fans of Pinback, The Dismemberment Plan, or REM would find a lot to enjoy here – very guitar forward indie rock.

The song itself speaks to a quote attributed to The Who about “never getting fooled again” and addresses the insecurity and inevitability that we probably will. More on that (and some interesting facts about seahorses) below:

“Despite the complexity of our interconnections, maybe there’s something we can learn from the simple and beautiful behaviors of seahorses (mentioned in the last verse). They go through a long and treacherous search to find their mates and, once they find each other, they are mates for life. They even dance for each other every morning to reinforce their bond… And, yes, we will get fooled again. Over and over again.”

Be sure to check out “Will Get Fooled Again” over on Spotify or the handy YouTube embed below. If you like what you hear, check out Flavors of Paradise out March 1.