“Spectacle” is the latest from St. Louis based singer/songwriter Samantha Clemons, a supremely talented musician whose influences include (but are not limited to) gospel, jazz, Caribbean, and soul music. “Spectacle” starts with a stunning strumming guitar with keys, with Clemons’ voice quickly taking the lead. Her words are heartfelt and dripping with emotion, always at the edge or muscling out the instrumentals but finds a way back to equilibrium without being overwhelming. As NPR’s Pilar Fitzgerald noted of her 2021 Tiny Desk submission:

“Clemons’ voice is striking: secured in deep depths in one moment, then bursting like wildfire in the next. And just as complex as her range are her lyrics — the story she tells… is so beautifully imagined.”

Be sure to give “Spectacle” a listen over on Spotify or Soundcloud, we think you’ll be impressed with the depth and feel of her songwriting.