The duo Salt Cathedral are from Brooklyn-by-way-of-Colombia and have a gorgeously arranged, heady, and emotional new single just released called “Complacent.” The new song is a cathartic decree of revolt against a life of resigned standstill, capturing that fear of inertia perfectly with music that writhes and shifts. That is coupled with a singular Juliana Ronderos singing:

“I don’t wanna feel like It’s over, find a comfort corner let the fear take over.”

Ronderos’ crystalline vocals enthrall you while the rhythm from serrated steel drums mesmerize and propel you to move. “Complacent” is a killer track that fans of Sylvan Esso or The Knife should definitely dive into.Here is Salt Cathedral on their new track:

“There’s a poem by the Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti that’s haunted me since I was a teenager. It is called ‘No Te Salves’ which translates to ‘Don’t Save Yourself.’ The poem is about not living life complacently, in a reserved tranquil corner of the world. This is my ode to that poem, my own cry in the battle with mediocrity.”

Listen to “Complacent” the new single from Salt Cathedral on Youtube, Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple Music.