In the past we’ve featured music from Ez Amadi including his track “Dali,” and now we’ve received news that he’s started a hip hop-RnB collective known as Black Sol. Included in this collective is Ez, recently featured rapper Dean Chatham, and singer Saint Opal, from whom we first hear from below. Floating on a acid-y beat, Opal croons over other-wordly synths on this ambiguous track of longing and apprehension. Her vocals are consummated with a trailing, echoey effect that makes the track ever more haunting.

The Black Sol crew is hard at work, with two new tracks on their soundcloud in the past three days. Stay tuned for more from the Erie County crew. I’m anxiously awaiting some more stuff from their other two members, Melo Nymbus and Eddy Haze.  There’s a lot of talent on that roster.