Indiana-based Russian Baths have mastered the quiet/loud song structure on latest single, “Split.” Quirky, pitch-shifted guitars and haunting vocals power the verses before plunging into a doom-drenched chorus, lush with fuzz tones and angular drum patterns. While lightly abrasive at times (in a good way), “Split” never loses the backbone of pop songwriting, with plenty of interesting melodies and sounds to dive into. You may be expecting an absolute maelstrom of noise to erupt at some point, but Russian Baths keep the song spring-loaded without ever exploding, adding to the tasty feelings of urgency and unrest. Like The Cure meets DIIV at their gothiest (their words, not ours), we think “Split’s” noisy simmer is going to be one of your newest favorites.

Preview “Split” via the YouTube embed below, or, find it on Spotify or Apple Music.