LA based (that is, Louisiana) Rupert Lange, better known under his stage name of Rupe brings us his newest track “My Friends,” a lovingly crafted bedroom pop song. Rupe brings the Day Wave vibe with his DIY work ethic – having written, recorded, AND engineered all of his music. While the full accompaniment of bass and drums adds plenty, make no mistake: this is a guitar track through and through (and we’re not mad about that).

You’ll find a lot to enjoy with Rupe, especially for fans of Real Estate or the aforementioned Day Wave. At only 25 and still making music, there’s hopefully a lot more to come from Lange as he continues to share his craft with the world.

You can hear “My Friends” below from SoundCloud, as well as Spotify and Apple Music. Be sure to check out his slew of other singles as well; including “goodbye, scranton” a solid lo-fi hip hop track paying homage to The Office.