Last week, Rochester-based two-piece, Routine Involvements, released its first music video for the single “UFO.” Featured on the band’s early 2014 release, Future Days (Dadstache Records),  the video for “UFO” is superbly cinematic, displaying the Routine Involvement boys breaking free from their sheltered vision to experience a well-choreographed dance routine to an almost blinding light show. The instrumental song is clear, cohesive, and incredibly driving, almost like Queens of the Stone Age sat down with a Cloud Nothings album prior to going into the studio.

The video is a collaboration between Michael Schifino (Director) Aaron Gordon (Director of Photgraphy), and Ciera Carhart (Executive Producer), and without a doubt, it is the most well-produced and expertly directed video we’ve seen from a regional band to date (sans Joywave, but are they even a “local” band anymore?).

Routine Involvements “UFO” from Michael Schifino on Vimeo.