Melbourne based Romanie is bringing the powerful indie-pop with haunting new single, “Anthony”. Her spectral vocals pair perfectly with the jangling guitar riffs brought in by her band, both coming together on a big booming reverb dripped chorus that will have you hooked. The heartfelt lyrics of Romaine were written after watching the movie “The Father” starring Anthony Hopkins. A story and song about dementia, Romanie is unfortunately familiar with the topic, having lost her grandfather who was suffering from the disease before passing away last year. Fans of Lykke Li, Maggie Rogers, and Lana Del Rey will find a lot to love on this track. Romaine said this about making the latest track

“I remember coming home from the cinema late at night and getting this wave of inspiration. I sat down with my guitar and wrote the song almost completely in one go. We were still in and out of lockdowns and I was chatting on Zoom with my friends from overseas Michiel and Kate who encouraged me to finish the song. The first band rehearsal back, we played Anthony through and it felt like magic to make this song into something bigger with my band, so much fun.

Check out the track via YouTube below, and this link for Spotify.