Buffalo alternative hip hop trio, Rodagues create an experimental yet catchy modern rap sound. Their fizzing sonic concoction fuses many different strains of hip hop, whether that be old school boom bap, houston’s chopped and screwed sound, southern trap, as well as a plethora of related subgenres. 

The group’s three man weave of artists is composed of WizzleDaWzRd, puh-GEEZ, and Be_Daylight. To get to know an individual member’s catalog, check out our review for puh-GEEZ’s project LEVELS.

Rodagues’ latest release “Made Men” is a collaboration between WizzleDaWzRd and Be_Daylight. The beat, crafted by Wizzle, combines a vaporwave-like, cloud rap aesthetic with a smooth-as-butter west coast bounce.

He said of the track: 

“I guess for the hook part the inspiration was the Jermaine Dupri and Jay Z song, ‘Money Ain’t a Thang.’ I always say I’m the modern version [of] JD with how my beats [are] sounding.”

Wizzle’s gravely voice floats over the song effortlessly, sounding blase in the cool talk-singing chorus.

“We could really get paid, top down, screaming out money aint a thing”

His laidback delivery is euphoric in its offhandedness, making for an gratifyingly easy listen. He drifts between verses and choruses with little flow change, like one extended hook of stoned-out confidence and free-spirited liberation. At the song’s midpoint, Be_Daylight comes in with a more animated and very punchy flow which breaks up the song well. He fits more words into each phrase yet his part features an instinctively melodic delivery that keeps with the song’s woozy, swagged out sound. The two MCs compliment each other perfectly, as each rapper pulls something different out of the psychedelic beat.

“Made Men’s” streaming version also includes a slowed-down remix of the song which makes the already lumbering track sound glacial. In this second track, Wizzle’s voice turns to a sublime molasses while Be_Daylight’s galvanizing delivery sounds more croony and melodic when slowed down.

Check out “Made Men” on Spotify or Apple Music and be sure to look out for more tracks coming from Rodagues, as well as the group’s individual members.