Robbery Club is Buffalo-style punk rock done right. The group is hot off a killer set on a stacked show at Casa Di Francesca’s on March 7th, and a debut release of two singles released just a few days prior.

It may seem like Robbery Club is coming out of nowhere, but that’s not the case. Members within the current lineup have been impressing the local scene with their aggressively catchy blend of pop-punk and emo for quite some time under their previous title, Ghostpool. 

Check out our 2018 review, which touched on the “crunchy guitars and hooks aplenty” in their debut EP. Just one nostalgic stream of their 2019 track, “Bug,” will guarantee it to be stuck in your head all day. It’s a chokehold angsty emo melody on a song that still feels punk as hell.

Their debut tracks as Robbery Club, “SHARP AIR” and “ALONE” build upon this formula. Robbery Club brings the attention to melody and personality of your favorite emo band and then combines it with the high energy and big riffage of fringe hardcore, heavy alt-rock bands. Think bands like Hotelier or Free Throw meets bands like Anxious or Fiddlehead.

Robbery Club sounds as inspired as ever on “SHARP AIR,” an ode to wanting both yourself and those close to you to do better. It starts with a deft, mathy guitar lead before evolving into a fast-paced straight-ahead punk ripper.

The group’s lead singer, Jake Amadori’s voice is perfect for this style, as it’s just rough enough for him to lean into the heavier sections, yet can also pull off sweeter melodies like the short yet triumphant chorus on “SHARP AIR.” The hook’s lyrics “Tell me all your aspirations” naturally scream rowdy singalong in a crowded dive bar or punk basement.

“ALONE” matches the first song’s quick tempo, but this time with a darker melody and more downtrodden mood, centered around a distressed lead guitar part. Added shoegaze distortion seeps into the mix amidst the usual punchy pop-punk elements for a great blend of sounds.

It seems Ghostpool might be done (RIP), but Robbery Club is a new name to remember.

Stream SHARP AIR / ALONE on Apple Music or Spotify. Be sure to check out the music video for “SHARP AIR” done by one of the band members Aaron Gordon.