Cole Connor and mentor, Master Splnta came back with movie-like production on their latest collab. “Revenge” (the video) has double the run-time of the song, but summarizes everything leading up to it, displaying clips of Cole Connor’s past with Master Splnta as Cole feeds into his contemplation of his mentor. After meeting up, the track starts and the rest is history. Cole comes in with a delivery that’s rapid fire, yet effective, due to the charming timbre in his voice, while Splnta tags in with ever-so clever wordplay such as “Ain’t’ that what revenge is. Punctuation On the end of a sentence.” The two MC’s have a very contagious chemistry that drives what looks and sounds like friendly competition; and it’s a thrill watching them compete. This is in fact a duo that the world very much needed back in the pendulum swing of things.

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