Brooklyn based Razor Braids brings us their latest single, “It Goes Quiet,” released in anticipation of their June 7 album Big Wave. Though still in the indie rock vein, this is a tad mellower of a jam from the last track of theirs we covered (here), “She.” Singer Hollye Bynum brings some Courtney Barnett vibes to this introspective love song, jumping around in a jumble of different thoughts:

“What did you dream about last night?
Will our moms get along?
When will I apologize one too many times?”

The instrumentals come with an extra level of polish and sheen while still hanging onto that grungy lo-fi feel that Razor Braids has established for themselves. The guitars mostly keep to themselves but crescendo into some fun wahwah effects with a steady bass riff underneath everything else (seriously, listen – it slaps).

You can hear “It Goes Quiet” on Spotify or watch the fun music video down below from YouTube.