Copenhagen-based musical maverick Rangleklods, aka Esben Nørskov Andersen (check our previous feature on them here), has a new full length, titled Breathe In, Breathe Out slated for Feb 9th 2024. The latest glimpse into the electronic wizard’s upcoming project is the single “Alien” which combines his signature sonic experiments with a heavy, groovy beat, creating a captivating and paradoxical experience. Andersen’s mind-bending perspective is on full display with “Alien” as the songwriter pitches his vocals to a guttural low level to simulate the effect of hearing his voice inside the stomach of his pregnant wife, as the “Alien” here is the growing creature that would be his first child that was born last year. Andersen stretches his synths and lets the tension coil them back in on themselves creating a bouncing, undulating melody that is filled with head turning textures and production wizardry. He pairs mesmerizing production with songwriting that explores the oft ignored in-between moments of life in order to highlight the dualities and flux in your daily human experience, a wry exploration of human existence, re-imagined through the lens of electronic music.

Listen to “Alien” the new single from Rangleklods on YouTube, Spotify, and find more from Rangleklods on their Instagram.