Los Angeles based Rain Gregorio brings us his latest single with “Foggy Stepper,” off of the pleasantly-named Anxiety Blanket Records. An indie rocker’s indie rocker, RG brings an intriguing deeply layered track with a healthy dose of bass and colorful synth shining through. It almost veers into a gothy post-punk feel with the downbeats and somber refrain “You’re better off” (plus the aforementioned layering). This sort of discordant sound is a progression from his last big release, the “Myrtle on Holiday” single, which gave similar vibes.

Oddly enough (and this is not a plug, but sort of is) this kind of reminded me of one of my favorite local bands, Hundred Plus Club, and the sound they’ve been embracing as of late (check them out too!)

Be sure to check out “Foggy Stepper” on Spotify, Apple Music, or the video down below pulled from YouTube.

tl;dr = Indie rock with a post punk aftertaste, layered guitar and synths, deeply introspective. Check it out below via YouTube.