Quit Yourself brings a fun, energetic emo ballad in the form of “Strung Out & Grinding Your Teeth,” the first single from their upcoming EP, IT GETS WORSE BEFORE IT GETS WORSE. Most of the words I just used don’t entirely do justice to this impressive effort, so I’ll switch gears a bit with a story: It’s sometime in the early aughts and a dear friend named Kelly gave me a copy of Taking Back Sunday’s Tell All Your Friends that quite literally changed my life (for the better). Comparisons can sometimes be forced or, “eh, I kinda see that,” but in this case, I believe it to be a fair one.

Quit Yourself isn’t a TBS clone by any means, but the frantic intro with soulful lyrics; melodic call-and-response vocals; and tapped guitar leads improve that nicely-paved road with enough fervor and passion to stand out on their own. If you’re like me and grew up with emo (or are a recent adherent), “Strung Out & Grinding Your Teeth” is a great song to head bang out to in the shower, or throw on a mix for a friend going through a rough spot. Fans of Tiny Moving Parts, The Story So Far, or even good ol’ Blink 182 will find lots to love here.

Be sure to check out “Strung Out & Grinding Your Teeth” as well as their previous album For Those Who Cared, on Spotify. The latter album is of the more contemplative assortment that’s a perfect dichotomy for different emo flavors and well worth the listen. You can keep up to date on their comings and goings via their Instagram, as well as any show announcements.