As per their Instagram:

Quiet Sonia is a Copenhagen-based seven-piece experimental chamber-rock group”.

In my wildest dreams I don’t think I could come up with such a combination of words to describe a musical act like them, yet here we are! “Sparks” is the first single off of their upcoming debut album and was, in true chamber-rock group fashion, recorded live in (and I am not making this up) a candle-lit studio over a weekend at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. I have friends in bands who would give their teeth to record something this beautiful in live takes, not to mention over a weekend!

Anyone who has an ear for high production folk-tinged post punk fused with an orchestral arrangement will find this tantalizing. Vitamin String Quartet mashed together with Arcade Fire is the most accurate description I can think of, but still doesn’t do justice to what QS does here. So, with that in mind, please go check out “Sparks” as well as their other tracks over on Bandcamp or Spotify if you’re looking for a truly remarkable experience.