It has been said that in this materialistic, over commercialized and warring world that we live in, that the music offered to the masses is dull, corporate and without voice or purpose. The cult of celebrity is upon us and it ceases to be about what we say & how we say it.  More often than not we are concerned with how we look and how others perceive us. We are measured by how many Twitter followers we have and by the amount of photographs we post on Instagram.

Words are still powerful weapons but only when delivered by the right voice, speaking with utmost clarity & conviction. Since their formation over 30 years ago, the message from Public Enemy has been both loud & clear –  one love, nonviolence and brotherhood. These words were laid down unflinchingly Thursday night at Canalside in Buffalo as people of all colors came together to enjoy the music of Public Enemy.

The years might have passed by in a heartbeat for many of us but the one constant is Chuck D’s distinctive voice. And with Public Enemy you don’t just get one legend of the mic but two. Flavor Flav’s lyrical talents are impressive enough but here is a man whose been through a plethora of personal ups & downs in his lifetime yet seems intent on showing us there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Public Enemy laid down a set that that showcased all their hits and even some new songs from Flavor. If that wasn’t enough they played tribute to both Prince and local legend Rich James before the night was through. This was one of the most engaging nights ever at Canalside since the free series moved from Lafayette Square.

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Written by Mike Sansano
Photos by Mike Sansano