Prude Boys came together in 2013 centering around bassist Caroline Thornbury and guitarist Quennton Thornbury’s songwriting. They built out from that structural spine through tireless local gigs and a need to fold in their eclectic musical tastes into their flawless garage rock core. The culmination of their years of writing and touring is their debut album Greatest Hits, a tour de force from the trio with many must listens. One of those musts is their newly released single “I’m Cold,” an ethereal garage rock track that blossoms into a raucous emotional rout. Smart song craft is abound in this nuanced rocker, feeling familiar yet completely alien simultaneously because of its polychromatic acoustics. Caroline’s vocals are achingly beautiful, she shows pristine expressive qualities comparable to Jeff Buckley’s riveting howls. Quennton’s guitar is tantalizing and enigmatic, delicate and growling, they climax with a blistering solo that will have you replaying “I’m Cold” over and over again.

Listen to “I’m Cold” from Prude Boys’ debut album Greatest Hits now on Spotify, and Bandcamp. Find more from the band on their Linktree.