Buffalo’s finest grungy alternative pop-rock band, Previous Love is back after a period of inactivity. Their latest single, “Sleepwalking,” is one of their best yet, fitting neatly into their already-established style. The band is often known for their accessible, yet heavy alt-rock sound, often mixing 90’s influenced reverb-heavy guitar riffs with hypnotic dream-pop elements. Get a feel for the group’s style by checking out our previous review.

“Sleepwalking” starts with a dark guitar part whose beautiful melody wavers like the light of a candle in a dim room. They build up the sound towards an explosive chorus that dazzles with shoegaze distortion as well as charismatic lead vocals from Gary Sheedy. About “Sleepwalking,” the band said:

“The lyrics hold a lot of nostalgia for the band. This song is about the idea of the next day not being a guarantee and to enjoy the time you have while you have it.”

Check out the latest single and be on the lookout for a second single titled “On A Sunday” which is set to come out this spring.