+/- {Plus/Minus} is a band that, until a short while ago, I had never heard of. Together in some way shape or form for the past 20+ (or minus, hehe) years, they’ve apparently been putting out bangers which now includes their latest, “Borrowed Time”. “Borrowed Time” is… a lot. I needed a few listens to truly comprehend what I was listening to; the funky time signatures, angular rhythms, and synth/guitar fusion really made for an interesting experience. Made up of childhood friends, the way they combine forces is quite incredible and you can tell they’ve been playing together for some time. Fans of crisp indie rock like Foals or freak folk structures a la Animal Collective would find a lot to enjoy here with their unique take on….well, everything. It’s truly an experience that you’re doing yourself a disservice by not being apart of.

You can hear “Borrowed Time” over on Spotify, that’s fine. You really need to check out the video masquerading as a David Lynch film though, it’s quite the trip (and you can see it below).