It’s one thing to make a dancefloor banger, but we always appreciate when synthpop has an urgent feel to it. The latest from PLANT, “Lucid Dreams,” nails that vibe, taking the listener through an intangible dream state lush with buzzing synth flavors and ethereal vocal melodies. The real gem here is the super-catchy chorus hook, but perhaps unsurprisingly, “Dreams” was inspired by a real-life dream – check out how PLANT came up with the concept of the song below:

“’Lucid Dreams’ is about an actual dream that I had. I love dreams, I have pretty wild dreams frequently, and hearing about other people’s dreams is one of my favourite things. In the dream that inspired ‘Lucid Dreams’, I was following this stunning, ethereal elf woman through a magical emerald forest. The lyrics of the song detail all the interesting things we encountered, as well as the emotional journey I experienced, which stayed with me afterwards.”

You can also find “Lucid Dreams” on Spotify.