… Think a completely synthetic Elvis Depressedly meshed with the trippy-ness of Youth Lagoon. The previous ellipse is necessary as it reflects Casual Frustrations‘ tendency to slow your breathing as you become entangled in its dizzying churn. For PineSheets’ new EP, sole songwriter/producer, Joseph Vita, wrote six cohesive songs, their simplicity bordering on nothingness. The songs as a whole represent the stale depression Vita experiences throughout his daily affairs. Via R&B, soul, and experimentation, PineSheets succeeds in creating an attractive EP.

Casual Frustrations kicks off with the whimsical, fluttering “Can’t Wait.” About a minute in, the piece transforms into a noticeably jazzier mix, in which Vita sensually creeps forth eventually singing about his excitement to give his love some sugar. The lead single, “Sunday Afternoon,” takes you on a twisting journey through the latter half of the weekend (typically the less exciting half). Vita exclaims, “I need to find something to occupy my mind besides crying,” before the song mutates into something caught in the webs of misery.

“Needs,” another highlight off Casual Frustrations, has strong roots in the experimental and trip hop genres.  Its chime-y synths are ice-like, supporting breathy, echoing lyrics.  The EP ends with numerous chime swipes and a whistling synth lead, over which Vita sings heartache-blues about Sophie, a girl with which he cannot communicate or “fix.”

Overall, PineSheets’ junior effort is is an engaging alt-R&B album that is a portrait into the soul of a man that wears Looney Tunes t-shirts.  You can purchase the adrift extended play here in the format of cassette or digital album.