Buffalo hometown heroes Pilot-Field recently released their debut EP, Demo 2023, on June 9th. The band was formed back in the Spring of 2023 and recorded this project at GCR Audio over the course of four days. Recorded and mixed by Buffalo and GCR’s own Jay Zubricky and mastered by Buffalo’s Davis Maxwell, the band brings strong, upbeat punk rock vibes.

The project starts off very electrifying with the first track “Brain Surgeons in Pinstripes.” When drummer Rob Brennan slams his drums in the first couple of seconds of the track, it ignites the sense and drive of the whole project. Each drum strike reverberates through your veins, commanding your body to move in sync with the pulsating tempo. The lyrics from singer Dan McCormick make you feel like you can accomplish anything that you may not have thought you could, reverberating with late ’90s pop punk energy reminiscent of your favorite vintage Saves the Day or New Found Glory album. Same goes for “Terrible People” where McCormick provides a strong chorus saying, “We’ve all been down these dead end streets, so many times our eyes can’t see,” connecting to their fans on a more personal level that paints a picture of not being or feeling alone.

With every beat and twist, the band pushes the momentum forward and adds a relentless energy to the music that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Alongside Dan McCormick, Darren McCormick’s fingers dance effortlessly across the strings, producing energetic riffs that send shivers down your spine. One of my favorite elements of the whole project is the little space they give the lead vocalist in every track to allow the instruments to jam for about 15-30 seconds or so, adding a fresh momentum that drives the whole project. Pilot-Field’s debut EP is full of small elements that make you want to listen to not just one track, but the entire project. Either the pulsating drums, chugging guitar energy, or the breathless vocals grab your attention immediately, leaving you on the edge of your seat.

The opening phaser-laced guitar riffs and huge drums on the outro track “Goners” make you feel a sense of warmth within. McCormick nails it again when he says, “If you pave the way, then I’ll relay the message, will you be okay if I start to panic,” staying on brand while getting personal with their fans. Naturally, your head bops unconsciously listening to this project as they keep it upbeat and relatable – the perfect blend to leave their listeners begging for more.

You can listen to the project on Spotify and Bandcamp – be sure to follow along with the bands musical journey on their social media too.