Pilot Field, Buffalo’s resident 90’s to 2000’s nostalgia pop-punkers, are back with their latest release, Counterfeits. For more information on the band check out our last review of their 2023 demo. In summary, a typical Pilot Field song is fast, loud, and catchy.

The intro “Heart Attack” is just that. Clocking in under a minute and a half, it builds quickly into a hard-hitting yet melodic piece of rapid, juiced-up pop-punk. Lead singer, Dan McCormick’s catchy yet combative hollering in the verses is balanced out by candied singalong choruses. It strikes the right balance making for some meticulously good pop punk.

“Don’t Need” is heavier and comes on strong with a relentless drum beat and speedy riffage. Even in more aggressive moments like this, McCormick, also in the Buffalo hardcore band SPACED, has that thing about him where every line sounds like a never-ending, effervescent hook. The song refers to the EP title, Counterfeits, with the biting line “All sanctions aimed at counterfeits / This hill that you die on is the first to get hit.” After a mouthwatering, upward-moving lead guitar melody, the band explodes into the final cathartic chorus. Another guitar solo tops off the song while drummer, Rob Brennan, wails on the drums in the outro. Man, this one is a total crowd-surfer, play it loud.

The group dials things back on the final song, “Road to Salinas,” a self-questioning acoustic number lush with feeling. Its an appropriate closer which turns the focus towards the group’s songwriting chops 

Spot the sick cracked-glass baseball album cover and stream Counterfeits on Spotify or Apple Music.