“Getting Older” is the latest from Evelyn Halls, aka Pet Snake. Singing in a lovely lullaby singsong voice, Halls evokes fellow indie luminaries boygenius and Mitski on this slow burning indie rocker. The buildup and layering of guitars is masterfully done, leading up to a lyrical crescendo that ties everything together with a crushing narrative. At five-plus minutes, “Older” comes and goes before you know it – definitely a beautiful addition to the subdued indie rock scene and certainly someone to keep an eye one.

Speaking to the song, Halls had this to say:

“It’s an anthem for myself to shout from the rooftops that I’m overjoyed to be alive and grateful to those who helped get me here. It’s me trying to turn my contentment into a song and the fact that I get to shout out my therapist…”

You can hear “Getting Older” on Spotify or the embedded YouTube video down below.