Michael Angelakos brought Passion Pit, his beloved indietronica passion project, back to Western New York to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the band’s acclaimed debut, Manners, with a stunningly euphoric show at The Rapids Theatre on May 20th. An exuberant collection of magnificent pop hooks and gossamer synthesizers, Manners unflinchingly chronicled Angelakos’ struggles with mental health, while earnestly pursuing the unabashed joy of human connection. Released the same year indie rock began its breakthrough into the mainstream, Manners still holds up as a gorgeous pop record with a very real human heart underneath the synthetic sheen. For the adoring fans in the crowd, watching Angelakos and his bandmates rekindle this magic onstage was a moment of pure joy and emotional catharsis, with every lyric recited in unison and every grand gesture met with applause. The giant halls of The Rapids Theatre weren’t big enough to contain the love and excitement felt by everyone that special night. Passion Pit were supported by The Beaches, a rock quartet from Toronto, Ontario, whose gigantic garage rock stomp blew out eardrums in the best possible way.

The Beaches

Passion Pit