Passion in Constellation has recently released a staggeringly catchy single. Packed with monumental transitions, euphoric synth hooks, and moments of serene grace, “Smash” is a full exhibition of the burgeoning dance producer’s strengths. Furthermore it’s his most experimentally playful release up to date.

The single opens with a gritty and sultry bass line before the primary hook takes over. Here, synth stabs are accompanied with deft high-hat work, mallet samples, and anonymous female vocal coos. “Rainforest part-ayyy” is what she appears to be announcing and the fun is only beginning. The track craftily conjures an atmosphere of the jungle-book meets the disco, veering in and out of various adaptations of it’s infectious hook and don’t you worry, PIC makes sure to scatter surprises throughout. A sudden shift at 1:48 puts the bass-synth combo on full display via sparse kicks and shuffled high hats. Towards the end, a lush key melody emerges right after a final dance-stab rendezvous, allowing the track to fade out with a note of blissful tranquility.

Listen to “Smash” below.