Buffalo electronic artist Chris Alan creates genre spanning electronic music as Passion In Constellation, bridging the gap between hip hop, trap, electronica, and dubstep with a highly polished production style that effectively accent the physical nature of his tracks.

His latest effort, a three track EP titled Forfeit The Genre, features “Dat Purple Penguin” along with two remixes of previously released songs. “Dat Purple Penguin” begins with a slow pace, mixing atmospheric sounds with pitch shifting vocals before taking a more aggressive turn, set off by a dramatic build and drop. The result is a track that takes many changes in direction, and is best characterized by it’s ability to reach these varied sonic destinations smoothly through careful rises in energy that while drastically alter the mood, do so in an engaging manner. The EP can be purchased on the artist’s Bandcamp page or on iTunes.

Watch the video for “Dat Purple Penguin” below.