“Lost My Way” is the latest single from Paris ’82, a project from electronica singer/songwriter Ethan Farmer. I couldn’t find much info on him other than his IG and X; but through the intriguing mystique, he seems like a cool dude from what I could see. The track itself is incredibly groovy and even me, who can’t carry a rhythm to save my life, was able to bump my head to the beat with little difficulty (I might even be able to dance, because it’s just that dang good). The song itself is about personal struggles and strength, giving an even more uplifting message to the whole shebang.

Anyone who is into EDM, electronic music, or pop in general would find a lot to enjoy here, with Farmer’s approach encompassing all genres seamlessly. You’d be hard pressed to find a note out of place, as you lose yourself to the beat on the dancefloor.
You can hear it below courtesy of Soundcloud, or head on over to Spotify or Apple Music.