PARCS‘ sound has been peculating and taking shape in the South Wales scene over the past few years. Recently the group, originally just the married duo of Joe and Elly, added members Kristy and Liam resulting in new spaces to play off one another. The group’s new creative alchemy culminates in the latest single “Wait!,” a lush, teasingly restrained dance track with four to the floor drums driving your hips to groove. Sparse production gives the platform for Elly’s striking vocals to enrapture you before the grooving bass and melodic synths kick back in making you lust for the dance floor. The new track balances anticipation and release to create a ticklingly inviting experience that makes your brain tingle and toes wiggle. Fans of The XX, Caribou, and Daft Punk can find lots to love on this succulent dance track. PARCS had this to say about the origins of the new track:

“The song’s origins were a simple loop drum and synth loop recorded in a rehearsal room, soon becoming an idea that we couldn’t help but add to and construct a more elaborate groove. We wanted to explore a different angle of the PARCS sound while still maintaining that core dream-like, synth heavy character but also introducing some bigger and brighter sounds.”

Listen to PARCS new single “Wait!” on Spotify and Bandcamp. Find more from PARCS on their Instagram.