“CPU” is the latest from rapper papa mybe, shortened from Papaneneh Mybe and a transplant from the African country of The Gambia. “CPU” has a solid, glitched-out beat throughout that mostly stays toward the background to give Mybe’s voice to breathe, though it punches through at appropriate moments with some cool effects and organic flavors thrown in that give the track an impressive depth. The song itself reflects on the importance of disconnecting from our devices so that we can appreciate the world around us and reconnect with our true selves.

Citing influences like drum and bass, 80’s alt rock, 2000’s pop, and underground rap, you can hear all of these seemingly disparate genres mesh together in his music. For someone who is looking to get their feet wet with rap from a crossover artist or who already enjoy the genre, you’ll find a lot to enjoy here.

You can hear “CPU” on Spotify or check out the music video below from his record label Against GiantsYouTube.