otsyuda, a five piece hailing from somewhere, North America (TM), brings us their latest and seemingly first track “drift.” Clocking in just shy of four minutes, “drift” has plenty of time to percolate and build up lyrically and instrumentally. Ebbing and flowing along with singer Annie Mo’s vocals, you get an explosive crescendo every thirty to sixty seconds – keeping things dynamic and interesting. Mo’s voice dances with the wailing guitars during these explosions and is a perfect example of how the shoegazy sound pioneered by My Bloody Valentine has grown and continues to dominate today.

I hope we can hear more from this band soon! If you’re in otsyuda and wanna drop us a line we’d love to know more about you (and when to expect more music). In the meantime, you can hear “drift” over on Apple Music, Spotify, or embedded below from the band’s YouTube channel.