OG Sole’s latest release “DEEP END” starts with a hair-raising string sample. Shortly after, the drums come in heavy, and OG pounces on the instrumental with confidence and style. “DEEP END” has a hard edge and braggish tone as OG raps about grinding on his craft over a self-produced instrumental.

This type of musical confidence is more than warranted. OG has been making a name for himself for quite awhile as he’s been an independent artist for ten plus years. Recent releases like Sushi and “Freestyle 2023” are both worth checking out. 

OG Sole is a triple threat, artist, producer, and engineer. He has rapped alongside the likes of Billie Essco, Jae Skeese and Camoflauge Monk, as well as engineered Conway the Machine and Westside Gunn’s 2015 Big Ghost Ltd project, Griselda Ghost.

So there’s a reason for the hard-nosed boasting on “DEEP END.” OG Sole’s relentless bars delivered with a uniform bouncy flow combine well with the dark, melodic instrumental. It’s a grimy yet accessible sound reminiscent of his 2019 project, Blood in the Waves. A standout flow change in the last 30 seconds is both impressive for the MC and vital to the song’s structure.

Check out “DEEP END” on Spotify or Apple Music. It’s a heavy hitter that’s surely a sign of more great material to come from a consistent local.