Doc Daneeka Feat. Seven Davis Jr. – “What’s It Gonna Be?”
Berlin producer Doc Daneeka scored a major club hit late last year with the infectious “Walk On In” featuring UK artist Ratcatcher. With a command of subtle changes in energy and strong vocal refrain, the artist once again shows his ability to craft memorable tracks on his latest release, “What’s It Gonna Be?,” which features California producer/vocalist Seven Davis Jr. The tune features a tight groove and understated, yet soulful vocals that make for a moody, subtle house feel. Look for the pair’s upcoming EP, From Mine to Mistress, out November 10th via Ten Thousand Yen.

Session Victim – “Never Forget”
The latest track from German production duo Session Victim, “Never Forget,” is the result of classic, soulful sampling, and raw, organic sounding percussion used to create a timeless atmosphere and an instantly engaging groove. Like many of their track’s, the cut begins with a minimal beat and slowly builds into a full-fledged, flavorful beat. Look for their forthcoming album, The Haunted House of House, out November 10th via London label Delusions of Grandeur.

Esta – “Luna”
San Diego based artist and Soulection label/collective member Esta has gained a reputation for creating downtempo, atmospheric beats reminiscent of J Dilla, Flying Lotus, and Nujabes. “Luna,” the producer’s contribution to the Soulection x Stussy compilation is no exception, as a reflective, jazzy guitar sample is placed atop dusty drums making for a classic hip-hop feel. Listen below.