The latest single off of O Slow’s newly released three track single Every Time I Look In The Mirror, is “Do You See Me.” We’ve covered O Slow before on the Blog (here) and continue to be impressed by Brooklyn based Jacqui Miranda’s impressive control of sounds and beats. Falling into the “indietronica” portmanteau genre, (similar to Purity Ring, Jenny Hval, or Chvrches) we’re treated to a kaleidoscopic combo of drum machines and synth and effects. A little lighter than 2023’s “These Dreams” but still heavy on the technical skill, you’ll find yourself tapping along to the beat here very quickly.

Miranda sings with such longing and emotion you can’t help but feel whatever she’s feeling throughout, unless you score high on the Levenson scale for psychopathy, in which case just stick to enjoying the pretty sounds. Be sure to check out the track below via Sound Cloud or over on Spotify.