At buffaBLOG, we try to make it our duty to keep an ear to the ground for the newest and most exciting in local music. We do this so that when we come across a band with an exciting sound and unique voice we can bring them to you first; Nylon Otters are just such a band. Nylon Otters is a Buffalo-based garage rock band with a distinctly lo-fi 90’s sound and has just released a series of demos.

Being a series of demos, the songs have an obvious rawness to them, but across all eight tracks, Nylon Otters demonstrate a real fire and energy to their sound. Tracks like the blistering opener “Parrots” demonstrate their more playful side while “Down Drained” shows a shaggier improvisational side to their sound. The band’s sound can be compared to the trend of recent grungy garage rock from artists like Cloud Nothings or Ty Segall.

While it’s still very much early days for this young band, Nylon Otters early demos show a band with incredible potential that will be one to keep an eye on in 2016.