New Jackson- “Having A Coke With You”

The title track for Dublin producer New Jackson’s latest EP for Permanent Vacation slowly unravels as a euphoric, expansive track led by smooth horns, mellow chords and a bittersweet string melody. A sampled speech dropped at around the five minute mark adds a pensive element to the track’s already introspective vibe, making for a subtle, intricate production. Look for the Having A Coke With You EP out now via Permanent Vacation. 


Fantastic Man- “Robotic Temptation”

Cut Copy recently released Oceans Apart, the synth pop band’s latest DJ mix album/compilation featuring tracks from various Melbourne producers, including this spacey, shuffling track from Fantastic Man. With a thick bass line and eccentric melody, the track fits in comfortably among the collection of left-field dance cuts on the album.

Mark E- “Avion Central”

Birmingham producer Mark E recently released a new EP titled Avion for Ghostly International featuring his typically analogue sound and slow building compositions. Standout track “Avion Central” begins with a full bodied drum beat and expands to include lush synths and a playful melody while maintaining  a straightforward, linear feel. Using a minimal approach, the producer brings out the detail in each of the track’s elements, creating a simple, yet imaginative soundscape.