Philadelphia based NotJustJake brings us their latest single, “Tangled.” For those of you expecting a track about the 2010 Disney animated feature sharing the same name, you’re gonna be disappointed… For everyone else, if you were expecting a guy named Jake to blend folk and alternative into a neat little package then you are right on target and how the hell did you know?

“Tangled” falls somewhere on the scale of sound between Modest Mouse and Fleet Foxes and after you give it a listen you’ll see why I’m 100% correct (no, I will not be taking questions). Guitar driven with fits of string accompaniment, everything leads back to singer Jake Margolis’ gravelly baritone waxing poetic about relationships and reflecting back on past experiences. Nothing feels forced or melodramatic and purely from the heart making me wonder…. “Jake…who hurt you?”

You can hear tangled down below from the band’s YouTube page or over on Spotify.