“talk shit” is the latest from Neomi Speelman, better know by her stage name néomí, off of her album “somebody’s daughter.” We’ve covered her her previously here, and not much has changed on our thoughts; s stunning folk-bedroom-dream pop-aesthetic in the vein Phoebe Bridgers, Bon Iver, or Big Thief. “talk shit” is an understated gem on an album full of them – a diamond in a field of diamonds, if you will.

Instrumentally this is a guitar-forward track with a cool wispy effect thrown in (I think a guitar, but maybe a synth – you’ll see what I mean) that meshes incredibly well with Speelman’s vocals. She employs the less-is-more effect to great aplomb that you can’t help be sucked in by; the swirling vocals and effects are an auditory treat.

You can see the music video embedded below or check out the track (plus the rest of the album) on Spotify or Soundcloud.