From British Columbia on the Canadian west coast, Naomi Kavka brings us her latest single “Landline.” Coming off her latest album, Then and Now, this is a delightful track but a difficult one to pigeonhole! It has an indie folk feel but veers into some light shoegaze (and damn does it have a catchy beat – you can really feel the *thump* of that bass). The guitar that comes in approximately every thirty seconds is that perfect amount of wailing that itches scratches in your ear you didn’t know you had. Kavka’s voice is warm and effortlessly breaks through the instrumentals and really resonates throughout the track. Fans of Big Thief or Sufjan Stevens would find a lot to enjoy here – not only with “Landline” but with the rest of the album as it covers a lot of ground.

You can hear “Landline” and the rest of Then and Now over on Spotify. Be sure to check it out there or down below from YouTube.