The rare duo act in a sea of quartets and three pieces, Naive Nature is vocalist and guitarist Jackson Vincent with Jim Lorino (of Scoopsi) on drums. “The Weight of the World,” released January 19, is their debut single and it’s quite the noisy banger. I’m always hesitant when I see only two members for bands, for lack of sound or boring arrangement, but I’m usually proven wrong (as I was here). Leaning heavily into shoegaze and post-emo guitar flavors (if that’s a thing), “TWotW” lays into fuzzy distortion and and Vincent’s pitch perfect vocals waxing poetic about a friendship sputtering out and ultimately ending on bad terms.

Fans of heart on your sleeve (or stomped on the pavement) emo of yesteryear (or today) would find a lot to enjoy with this track; same goes for fans of The Airborne Toxic Event, The Dirty Nil, and Placebo.

For now, check out “The Weight of the World” on Spotify or embedded below for your listening pleasure.