Self-described “post-everything” band Mutes recently released their latest single, “Televangelist” in anticipation of their new album due out May 17. Bringing a distinctly 90’s vibe into the 20’s (or whatever we call these strange times), “Televangelist” is a non-stop layered guitar fest. Coming in at just over two minutes, you’ll find yourself thrashing along to this seething, post-punk feeling track, or, as the band puts it, “a sub-three-minute nugget of existential crisis carried with motorik purpose.” Speaking to the lyrics behind the song the band said:

“Theological projections of an irresolute agnostic; torn between clinging to the assuaging hand of statism and laying waste to internalized idolatry. Catholic guilt is one hell of a trip” (Damn right).

You can hear “Televangelist” in its single form on Spotify or Apple Music, while the full length …buried where you stand will be in the usual streamy places May 17 (via No Sound Records).