Casinos and music have always had an inseparable relationship. Both online and conventional land-based casinos have exploited the hidden possibilities of music to attract more and more customers. Music played in the background as well as incorporated into the USA online casinos at, is selected with great care in order to deliver just the right psychological impact. For instance, if you visit the popular Platinum Play online casino, you’ll notice how music has been effectively integrated into all the casino games and rooms!

It’s not just the casino-owners, even the players are aware of the impact of music on their gambles! Many create their own customised playlists for specific purposes – to cheer up, to focus or to relax. Let’s learn more about how music influences gambling at online off-line casinos, like

How offline casinos select their music?

Both offline and online casinos select their music very carefully. It’s meant to perform two basic functions – to please the visitors by creating just the right mood and to make them want to play more.

The traditional casinos normally play various kinds of music in the background, and perform appropriate sound zoning in different gaming rooms.

Mostly it’s the lounge music, and people barely notice how the tracks keep changing from time to time. You’ll never hear any pauses or skips, just a constant musical stream that relaxes the guests and evokes the desire to play. However, this type of music is normally heard in halls hosting the card and roulette games.

The areas with slot machines sound completely different! You constantly hear joyful and live music in those places. Every slot machine at the Winning Ball Competition plays out the pay-out melody every now and then, creating a feeling of luck! People get influenced by such positive melodies and often can’t refrain from indulging in another spin! VIP halls on the other hand are properly soundproofed, and host a wide range of automatic machines with all kinds of music.

About music in online casinos

Every machine in an online casino features its own specific soundtrack. In the earlier times, when the online slots had just made their first appearance, their music used to be more or less the same as that played in real slot machines – cheerful and positive, creating a feeling of luck. However, online casinos’ music has evolved a great deal over the past one decade, and has taken an altogether new direction. Composers are hired to write music based on specific scales suiting the needs of the casino, in accordance with the slot machines’ and the games’ themes. But it’s mostly unobtrusive and pleasant, yet stimulating and positive. Jackpots and huge wins always have their own special tunes, pushing you to go further and spin again! The rules and regulation for music on gamling sites have changed over the years and no one knows this more than sites like . Many online casinos get their music flagged and removed these days.

In fact, you can find plenty of music-themed slots at online casinos like 666casino these days, based on numbers of famous musicians/bands like Motorhead, Megadeth, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Guns N Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead and many others.


All in all, music plays a critical role in operations of all major off-line and online casinos of today. I know I wont be found to pay by mobile casino out over and over again if it doesn’t have a catchy tune. It’s an integral aspect of these offline/online establishments, something you can’t separate from them. Of course, you can play in mute mode online; but music is always there; waiting to be heard!