There’s something really endearing about a family that makes music together. In the case of Mushy Callahan, a quartet of Canadian brothers is just about as endearing as it gets. The band’s latest track, “Deep Meadow,” provides a fresh perspective on indie rock as the third single off their upcoming EP. The song draws in commanding guitar strains, whispery backing vocals, and unrelenting percussion, setting the stage for twangy lead vocals to weave their way into the forefront. The effect is both technically impressive and energetically invigorating. Since their 2011 outset, the band has generated buzz across Canada and the UK with numerous festival placements, tours, an EP, and an album release under their belts. Take “Deep Meadow” for a spin below, and be on the lookout for the January 18th release of Mushy Callahan’s next EP for more compelling, homegrown rock to fuel the masses.