Mox’s new release, “Trust,” is a hauntingly beautiful track that captures a sense of yearning for safety with disarming casualness. Mox’s talent is undeniable, and at just 19 years old, she draws inspiration from artists like Elliot Smith, Alex G, and Built to Spill, while still creating a unique sound of her own. This is readily apparent on “Trust,” seen in the raw and emotive lyrics and unique songwriting. The chorus is subtle but holds the weight of the track, creating a smoldering ambiance through the whole song that blooms like a ember in the breeze as the guitars of the the refrain layer and fatten up. Mox have created an evocative and raw indie-rock ballad that you should spin if you’re a fan of bands like Pinback, Whitney, or Silver Jews.

Listen to the new song “Trust” on Spotify.