Somewhere in the up & coming hip/hop scene in Buffalo, a voice can be heard with sounds of clarity – it comes from Motiks on his latest single, “House Of Mirrors.” The track starts out with Motiks speaking to his fans in the form of placing yourself in a haunted house and hearing somebody talk to you through the speakers but you don’t actually know where they are. The voice effect that resembles this sound is a very good technique for Motiks to grab his fans’ attention right away when they first listen to the track as he says, “I would like to welcome you to the house of mirrors, what you see might not be what you were expecting, we worked hard to get you here…” Telling his fans that he’s grown within his music capabilities and they’re not ready for what’s next to come from the young talented rapper.

The track makes you want to jump up and down uncontrollably, as Motiks shares his perspective on rap along with the self confidence in his abilities that make his fans want to go out and do anything they feel they might not be able to do. Putting a message like that within a rap song is a powerful move; it’s almost as if Motiks were gathering all of his supporters in one place and telling them, “This is what I do, this is what you do, and together we can all rule the world.” As you reach the minute point of the track, Motiks speaks on that a little bit as he says, “And I’ve been rapping, I’m giving lessons, it’s hard to teach someone something like this.” You can visualize a video in your head of him being a teacher seeking to teach a motivated lesson to his supporters.

The different flows that the young rapper uses on this track are remarkable as sometimes he raps a little slower and other times he’s rapping with a bit more intensity. Not only does this show the talent of Motiks, it also showcases the versatility that he is capable of contextually within his songs. One of my favorite elements of the track is the lyricism between the hook and the verses – sometimes you hear rappers be a little sincere within their songs or they are just rapping a bunch of facts at you to connect with their fans… Motiks takes the second route on that one, as he tells a story saying if there’s a time to be a fan of his, it’s right now.

The young rapper draws inspiration from the late Mac Miller along with Chinx and Styles P which you can hear a little bit within his own tracks. At the start of the second verse, Motiks explains how he can’t see the signs that other people are giving to him to further his career, maybe even by the ones he’s most closest with as he says, “trusting the ones that you think can be trusted, now they are the reason that you getting busted” This is another powerful message as he’s telling his fans no matter what people tell you good or bad, you just have to smile and push forward and eventually you’ll be in the spot people once told you that you couldn’t be in.

The track was released back on April 20th, the beat of the track was produced by one of Motiks friends by the name of Glen Cove and the track was recorded, mixed, and mastered all by the talented rapper himself Motiks in his home studio. If two minutes and 16 seconds of relatable career chaos within an outstanding rap track sounds appealing to you, then you’re going to love the young rapper’s latest hit.

You can find the track on all streaming platforms along with following along the young rapper’s musical journey on his Instagram page. Be on the lookout for upcoming Motiks shows around Buffalo as well.